2017 Assembly: Mapping Open Research Ecosystems

In 2017, we brought the Assembly to Seattle, Sage Bionetworks’ home base, and back to the themes closest to us: open innovation in science, and the acceleration of health research through open systems, incentives and  standards.  Together, we explored how open ecosystems form, where they work, and what boundaries are necessary to operate them successfully. We addressed the consequences, intended or otherwise, of living in more open ways. As in prior years, the Assembly focused on participant interaction, engaging panels, lots of interaction, and an afternoon outside the venue where we worked in teams on projects that explored our themes in non-traditional ways.

2017 Speakers included: Kelly Dobson, MIT Media Lab; Aled Edwards, Structural Genomics Consortium; Kadija Ferryman, Data & Society Research Institute; David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz; Steven Keating, MIT; Sean McDonald, Frontline SMS; Jaykumar Menon, XPRIZE; Eric Topol, The Scripps Research Institute; and Elizabeth Yeampierre, UPROSE. See all presenters here.

Exploring Alternative Ecosystems:
A Sage Assembly tradition is to take our exploration outside of the venue, and to work in teams on projects that explore our themes in non-traditional ways. Learn more about what we explored in 2017.


The 2018 Sage Assembly will take place in Seattle, WA on April 19-21. Learn more on the 2018 Assembly Website.